About us

About lilyadress

lilyadress is an international B2C apparal company,we mainly make graphic shirts,dress, since we made and sell by ourself,it gives quality control and cost competitiveness to product.

now many customers happy with our product and service, buy 2nd ,3rd times on our website.

Company Name:Shangrao city zhenmei trading co.,ltd.

Business Address:101, unit 1, building 8, No. 17, Sanqing Shanxi Avenue, Xuri sub district office, Guangxin District, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province,China

Phone contact: +86 15180384249

If you have any question ,please contact us at [email protected]

you will get reply within 1 business day.

Where can you get prodcut?

Currently our product only open to US buyer, other countries or areas please don't buy.


 All products are made by ourself,we take quality as no.1 priority.Normally,each shirts are examained 3 times before send it to you.

 in the meantime,we offer 30 days return service,which means you can return your order within 30 days of delivery,please see details at retrun policy page.